When & why: wedges

Matt Bannister

09 August 2021

Club selection is always a key part of golf (it’s how Tour caddies make a living!), so let’s explore when you should pull out each wedge in your bag. Do you trust your club selection? Can the wedge in your hand deliver what you need?

Let’s start by exploring those questions. Of course, the shot you want to pull off might not be possible if you’re in a less-than-ideal lie, but the important thing here is actually having the tools to make the shot happen as you picture it. From there, you can make it a reality.

One of the fastest ways to get your handicap down is to work on your wedge game.

Neil Tappin | Foremost TV

That’s where Cleveland RTX Full-Face wedges shine. Having grooves that cover the entire face means that you can get the same control over the ball from those trickier lies, with a high-toe profile that allows you to open up that clubface when the shot requires. This lets you really get hold of the ball and control it for short-range, high-lofted shots as well as out of deep rough or bunkers.

Cleveland RTX full-face wedges
Cleveland RTX full-face wedges

All those purpose-built models are great, but how do the wedges actually perform? Well, the RTX Full-Face design has UltiZip grooves that are sharp, deep & narrow to really grab onto the ball at impact. That’s great when you first take them out the bag and you’re itching to spin one close to the flag with your new, shiny wedges, but the heat-treatment engineering process actually maintains the wedges’ performance for you to enjoy even longer.

How to find the right wedges for your game

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